Sweet ‘n Zesty Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This is a deliciously sweet’n zesty vegan recipe that will satisfy all your taste buds. The Brussels sprouts, which are naturally a bit bitter, become sweet and zesty when roasted and mixed with caramelized dates!

Even the pickiest kid will enjoy this vegetarian recipe! My daughter loves it and always asks for seconds 🙂  A must try!
Brussels sprouts are packed with tons of healthy nutrients, such as iron, potassium and vitamin C, to name a few, and are also a good source of protein. More reasons to give this recipe a try…


1 ½ pound Brussels sprouts (ends trimmed)
2 tbs. olive oil
4 dates (pitted and chopped)
2 tbs. scallions (chopped)
1 tbs. parsley
1 tbs. tahini paste (optional)
Salt and pepper (and/or garlic and rosemary seasoning if available)
1 tbs. lemon juice
1 tsp. orange zest


Step 1: Clean and trim the Brussels sprouts. Pat dry and cut into quarters or half is very small
Step 2: Drizzle with olive oil and toss to cover all sprouts with oil
Step 3: Sprinkle with salt and pepper (and any other seasonings to taste) and toss again, making sure all sprouts are well covered with seasonings.
Step 4: Place Brussels sprouts on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and slightly greased with olive oil. Aluminum foil is going to facilitate a more efficient roasting due to the heat it emanates. You can also just place the sprouts directly on the baking sheet if desired.
Step 5: Roast uncovered at 425°F for about 20 to 25 minutes, or until the edges are slightly brown (making sure to flip them around at half time).
Step 6: In the meantime chop the dates, scallions and parsley. Add the dates and scallions in the baking sheet toward the end of the roasting time (about 5 minutes before ready). As the dates get slightly roasted, they will develop a caramelized texture and taste.
Step 6: Remove from the oven, place in a bowl, add the parsley, lemon juice, tahini paste, orange zest and toss well.
Enjoy warm as a side dish or appetizer!

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