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My Story

For years I struggled with digestive issues, ranging from tummy aches to indigestions, gassiness, irregular bowel movements and diarrhea, to fogginess and lack of desire for life. Nobody was able to identify what caused all these symptoms and after years of struggle I was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 38.
Doctors were very surprised of the occurrence of cancer at such a young age, but couldn’t make any recommendations on how to prevent this from occurring in the future or what led to this condition in the first place.
To my surprise, a few more colon polyps were discovered 6 months later, which fortunately didn’t yet turn into cancer. Still no medical advice received on diet/lifestyle changes, although it was becoming obvious that some imbalance was triggering the occurrence of these polyps.
Not only did I have recurring colon polyps, but my digestive problems kept coming back. Eating, for me, was like playing the lottery. I never knew when or what was going to make me feel bad again and I started to feel discouraged. I was tired of feeling sick and helpless. I went through numerous tests to identify the culprit, but there was nothing obvious going on.
I was looking for alternative answers from my doctors, but then I realized that’s just outside of their scope of practice. So, I decided that I will fight for my own health and do all I can to prevent the cancer from coming back. I started my own journey of researching possible causes and holistic cures for colon cancer and digestive issues and ended up changing my diet and my life for the better. 
Only a couple of weeks after I changed my diet I felt like a veil came off my eyes and I suddenly felt awake, focused and energized.
One year later not only did I have no more colon polyps popping up, but I have progressively restored my digestive balance, improved my alertness and felt alive again. I knew this is what everybody should feel like and we should not settle for less than feeling great every day! No more guessing about what to eat, wondering whether or not I will feel tired and sick a few hours later. No more worries for every follow-up colonoscopy or CT scan, wondering whether or not the cancer relapsed or spread somewhere else.
I now feel healthy, happy and alive, and I want to share this state of wellbeing with others. 
Happiness comes from within and the Gut is responsible for your overall wellbeing, literally! Your gut sits at the core of your mental and physical health and has a huge impact on your health and vitality.
That’s why it’s vitally important not only what you feed your body, but also how you nurture your whole self.
This holistic approach of caring for my body and soul is what brought balance into my own life and gave me the health and zest for life I have been seeking for so many years.
I can now say that I know what it’s like to go through life without feeling alive, without having the energy and clarity of moving forward with purpose. I know what it’s like to feel sick and worried that things could go wrong again, but still have no control over how to steer my life in the right direction.
My desire to be around for my little one is what motivated me to keep looking and become my own educator for living a healthy, vibrant and purposeful life. That’s what led me to deepening my own research for holistic healing and enrolled into the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York, the largest Nutrition school in the world. Thanks to IIN, I learned not only how to properly feed my body for health and energy, but also how to practice self-care, both very important in achieving that special balance between body, mind and soul and therefore, overall wellbeing.
My purpose is to share this knowledge and practice with the world and help people live a healthy and vibrant life while doing what they love!

We only have one life to live, so we better make the best of it!

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Get my FREE Healthy-Zesty Starter Kit, including gut healing guide, healthy meal planning tips and zesty recipes so you feel and look your best for life!