How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

The beginning of a new year is the start for fresh opportunities and bold goals. It’s the time to hit reset and why not – reach for the stars!

That’s why everybody talks about New Year’s Resolutions. After all, everything starts with a wish!
So, how do you turn a wish into reality?
Just because you made a wish or a New Year’s resolution it doesn’t mean it will happen, unless you are committed to it and you take progressive action in an educated way.

So, here are my tips for increasing your chances of accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions:

Picture yourself one year from now. What would you like to feel and look like? Where would you like to be? Who would you be surrounded by? What will you be doing? Be as specific as possible and get in touch with your feelings while doing that. Make it seem like you are watching a movie. The more you feel it, the more you increase your vibrations and the easier it will be for you to attract what you want and make that dream a reality.
Write it down. Put your “movie” down on paper as if it’s a story and make it sound as if it already happened (write it down with conviction at the present tense).
Make a To-Do List. Next, now that you know the outcome of what you want and what it feels like, identify the actions you need to take for making all of that happen. What’s the first thing you need to-do, second… and so on.
Make an action plan. Now, make a plan for your actions on the to-do list. When do you plan on completing each action by? Keep that list in a visible place, so you are reminded on your long term and deadlines.
Define the short term tasks. Once you have the long term action plan in place, you need to focus on the short term tasks. Are there additional tasks that need to be tackled in order to complete those major action steps? If so, make note of them and give them a deadline as well. Write down your tasks for the next 30 days and commit to accomplishing them on time.
Review progress toward goals. Repeat the step above each month as you review your progress toward your goals. Don’t be afraid to revise your goals if what you wished for doesn’t feel right anymore. As you progress toward your goals, your aspirations might evolve. Whatever you feel put it down on paper.
Visualize your dream life. Next, make a habit of visualizing your dream life often (some do it daily, but if this is too much for you in the beginning, start by doing it weekly and then increase the frequency as you get more comfortable. You could even make it part of your daily meditation routine). Whatever you put down on paper for your goals, in step number 1 needs to be visualized often as if it’s already happening to you, so you raise your vibrations and increase your chances of attracting what you want. Think of the law of attraction.
Celebrate each milestone. And last, but not least, celebrate every small milestone you reach! Every time you check off a task or goal you completed, make sure you reward yourself with something positive. It could be a nice massage, a glass of wine, a piece of dark chocolate, or anything else that makes you smile! 
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