Roasted Cauliflower & Fennel Soup

A creamy vegan soup made from the world’s healthiest foods!

It’s no surprise that cauliflower is considered by many health enthusiasts one of the healthiest foods in the world!  It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, is rich in anti-oxidants and phytochemicals, all known to ward off cancer, heart disease, diabetes and brain disease. Plus, it helps us maintain a healthy weight or even lose excess weight.
And to top it off, the fennel used here adds to the health benefits of this soup due to its high content of fiber, potassium, folates and vitamin C just to name a few.
As you know, I love creating recipes that are not only delicious, but that are healthy and really good for our body. Which is how this recipe was born. That’s what I call a healthy-zesty recipe 🙂
You still wonder about the health benefits?

Fennel Health benefits:

♥  Aids in digestion
♥  Lowers Blood sugar
♥  Promotes skin and bones health
♥  Helps prevent cancer

Cauliflower Health Benefits:

Heart health
♥  Brain health
♥  Overall anti-inflammatory
 Cancer protection
♥  Skin and bone health

What You Need

♥  1 head cauliflower
♥  1 fennel head
♥  1 small onion
♥ 2 garlic cloves
♥ 6 cups vegetable broth
♥ 1/2 cup coconut cream (or creamer)
♥ 1 lemon juiced
♥ Salt & Pepper
♥  4 tbs. olive oil
♥  2 fresh thyme springs
♥ And Lots of LOVE!

How to Make

Step 1. Wash cauliflower and fennel bulb and cut into pieces. Pat dry and set aside.
Step 2. Mix cauliflower florets and fennel slices in a bowl and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper coating well.
Step 3. In a greased large baking sheet arrange the cauliflower and fennel pieces and roast at 400° F for up to 20 minutes.
Step 4. In the meantime chop the onion and garlic and saute in 2 tbs. olive oil or coconut oil for about 7 minutes.
Step 5. Remove the cauliflower/fennel mixture from oven and pour over the sauteed onions. Add the thyme springs, cover with a lid and let it simmer for 5 minutes.
Step 6. Add the vegetable broth to the pan, sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste, cover and continue to cook the soup for another10 to 15 minutes.
Step 7. Remove from heat, allow to cool for a few minutes and blend the soup thoroughly, until smooth and creamy.
Step 8. Return to heat, add the coconut creamer and lemon juice. Remove from heat as soon as it starts simmering (don’t over boil it so it doesn’t change consistency) and enjoy!

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