Your Healthy Zesty Memorial Day Menu

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer! Here in the south, the school is out already, which gives us more reasons to celebrate!
Most of us spend Memorial Day with friends and BBQ! That by itself calls for some yummy sides for the traditional BBQ that are also healthy and super easy to make.
We all know that the holidays are best when they are spent with good friends and, of course, good foods!
And my “healthy-zesty” theory is that good food is the food that not only tastes good, but it’s also good for you. Food should leave us feeling good and full of energy, and not give us tummy aches and lethargy only minutes later.
That’s why I created this Memorial Day Menu for you, so you can truly enjoy the day and not feel bad about your food choices the day after.
I invite you to ditch the old and not so healthy potato salad or coleslaw and try something new, nutritious and appealing this summer!
Not the creative type? Not to worry! I did the creation so you can do the impressions 🙂
 And I don’t mean imitations? I really mean impressing your guests 🙂
Ready to impress?
Check out my Memorial Day Complete Menu Kit and get cooking! It contains the menu planning, recipes and shopping list.
I promise it’s quick and easy to make, but so delicious!

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