Healthy Zesty Martini (alcohol-free martini)

Healthy Zesty Martini

A delicious drink that will soothe your tummy and lift your mood without the booze! And since it’s an alcohol-free martini your whole family can enjoy it!

I was in the mood for something “je ne sais quoi” … Something fun, an after dinner drink, a desert… Not sure. But I knew I didn’t want a sugary desert or an alcoholic drink…(not always good for your tummy).
I wanted something more like an indulging “digestif” like we, Europeans, like to call it 🙂
And that’s how my “Healthy Zesty Martini” was born!
It’s fun, it’s refreshing, it satisfies your sweet tooth and it even soothes your tummy without the booze! And since it’s an alcohol-free martini your whole family can enjoy it.
But if you need a boost, don’t let me stop you! Feel free to add some gin to it and make it a totally approved healthy-zesty martini! 🙂
It’s the perfect refresher for a hot summer day, just in time for Memorial Day, so your whole family can enjoy it and celebrate in style!
 Plus, the ginger and aloe vera make this a therapeutic drink for your gut and overall health, so bottoms up!
Let the summer begin! Cheers 🙂

What you Need

  3 large slices of watermelon
  1/2 lemon (peel on)
 2-inch long ginger root
 3-inch long agave leaf (optional)
 2 cups ice
 Mint leaves for garnish

Makes approx. 4 servings

How to Make

Steps 1. Juice everything, except for the mint and ice. If you decide to use aloe vera (which by the way is very good for your tummy) don’t be surprised if you’ll notice a jelly-like consistency coming out of your juicer. It’s normal, as it has a jelly kind of pulp. To make things smoother, you can juice the watermelon and aloe vera together.
Step 2. In a martini shaker add the ice and the juice (split the juice into 2 batches if needed and repeat the process). Shake well for about 30 seconds to chill and mix.
Step 3. Strain the juice into fancy martini glasses and garnish with mint leaves and watermelon pieces. Cheers!

Note: You can store the juice in the fridge, in an airtight container for up to 24 hours.

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