Does Your Body Need a Detox?

Summer vacations are almost over for most of us, but the effects of the vacation over-indulgences might still be trailing of.
We all know how that goes. We had too many margaritas by the pool, ate too much of the foods we don’t normally eat or we “forgot” to exercise (after all we are on vacation and we should just spoil ourselves). We tell ourselves we deserve to go overboard once in a while and I think we should (once in a while!).
But for most of us all these summer indulgences take a toll on our energy levels, our weight and even our mood.
Our body becomes toxic and doesn’t function as well.

The plan?

Well, I think it’s time for a detox!
How can you tell?
If you’ve been over-indulging for a while, gained weight or have any of the symptoms below it might be a sign that your body is craving a healthy detox!

Signs that your body needs a detox:

♥ Fluid retention
Skin breakouts
Waking up consistently between 2 am and 4 am
 Digestive problems
Difficulty losing weight
Poor energy
Increased cravings in between meals
Not hungry in the morning (craving just coffee)
Short temper
Lumpy breasts that swell with your cycle
If you have 2 or more of these symptoms that might be your body telling you your gut needs some love in the form of a detox!

The best way to give your gut a reset is through clean eating, juicing and even some self-love.

Why juicing?
Juicing is a fast and convenient way of adding more nutrients to your body and flushing away toxins quickly.
Green juices are my favorite, as they are low in sugar and packed with much needed vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenos that aid in detoxifying the body and resetting the digestion. However, juicing should be just an addition to a clean eating diet and not used as a juice fast.
But when it comes to clean eating there is so much that goes into that. After all, our body, and especially our liver, is bombarded by both internal invaders (such as toxins and chemicals from food) but also external invaders (such as environmental toxins and stress).
When our liver is over loaded we experience feelings of exhaustion, weight gain, difficulty digesting food, headaches, mood swings and even depression.
But wait, you must be wondering what does self-love, or self-care have to do with a detox?
You see, when you feed yourself beautiful food you’re much more likely to engage in self-care such as exercise, meditation, baths, massages and other activities that make your life more fulfilling and vibrant.
When you feel great you are able to move through your days with joy and ease, creating and nurturing supportive relationships and a career you love.
Makes sense, right? Healthy food, healthy mood! And much more!
So, how do you start eating clean and feeling great and lean?

Main steps you can take today for adopting a clean eating diet:

Reduce Toxic load – choose organic or local versus conventional when possible. Check out the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen for a list of the most contaminated foods you should try to eat organic and the ones that are safe to eat even when conventional.
Choose whole foods versus processed foods. Processed is mostly everything that comes in a box and is found in the middle isle of a grocery store
Add in more leafy greens. By adding in more of the good stuff such as greens you crowd-out more of the unnecessary fillers, such as processed foods or unhealthy carbs.
Choose unrefined versus refined foods. Go for whole grains such as: brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, oats.
Watch your sugar intake and find healthy, unrefined alternatives such as honey, coconut sugar, agave and maple sugar in moderation
Become a labels detective. Get in the habit of reading labels and avoid anything that has hydrogenated oils and trans fats, artificial sweeteners, food coloring or anything you can’t pronounce.
Get cooking. The best way to eat clean and healthy is to get cooking. This way you have more control over your food intake, plus it’s healthier, cheaper and even more satisfying (your creativity is being stimulated too).
Drink more water. Go for filtered or spring water. Drinking enough water allows your body to better flush            out toxins, an important process for weight loss and overall well-being.
Get more exercise. Yes, this one is on the list too. You can’t claim you are living a healthy lifestyle if you don’t make exercise part of your daily routine. Move your body at least 3 days/week for at least 30 minutes/day. Choose an activity you enjoy doing and don’t make it feel like a chore.
Practice self-care. It’s vitally important not only what you feed your body but also how your nurture your whole self. Find ways to honor your body, take breaks, do things that make you happy and regularly schedule some ‘me’ time, whether that means reading a book, journaling, taking a long bath, meditating or having a massage.
Sounds easy as pie, right?
Well, not always. I know it takes determination and a lot of support  to implement new healthy habits. And that’s why I want to help you get on your way to a healthier and happier version of yourself with my upcoming 10-Day Detox for a body that rocks program!
The program is 100% online and you’ll get my 100% support and coaching during this time.
If you are ready to hit reset, detox your body, get more energy, feel great and lose weight hop on the wagon and check out the program details!
The program starts on August 21st and enrollment is open until August 14th to give you time to prepare for it and acquire the recommended supplements and groceries.
Get the details on the program here >>

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